Canadian DFO Quietly Posts "Tweaked" Seal Hunt Regulations

3-28-08 seal hunt The Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans has finally admitted what IFAW has been saying for years: that the current Marine Mammal Regulations are not in line with the recommendations of veterinarians, and do not meet the  requirements for humane killing as presented in the proposed European ban on  seal products.
In response,  they are cynically proposing "tweaks" to the Regulations, that they claim will make the seal hunt more humane and allow Canada to circumvent any EU trade ban. But the proposed changes will do nothing to improve  animal welfare, and shouldn't fool any European policy-maker.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare's  Senior Research Scientist Sheryl Fink was quoted in a widely distributed Canadian Press news article, saying the propsed changes were "completely unacceptable from an animal welfare point of view.”
Prior to the  changes being posted in the Canada Gazette, IFAW submitted comments to the DFO, outlining why the amendments are  entirely inadequate, and will do little to improve the way seals are killed  in the course of Canada's commercial seal hunt.


You can read IFAW's comments here.

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