DFO now using sealer convicted of breaking law to convince Europeans that seal hunt is well-regulated

1. Canadian sealer
Mark Small knowingly breaks the law, gets charged, then spends 13 years
fighting charges claiming that officials with the
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
entrapped him, encouraged him to
kill blueback  hooded seal pups and told him the law
would not be enforced.
Small states that
". . .everybody was fully aware that DFO turned a blind eye
to the activities that were taking place."

2.  Last week, Mark Small is convicted of breaking
the law

3.  This very same week,  thvery same convicted sealer, Mark Small, is on yet another European junket with the Canadian government and DFO - courtesy of the
Canadian taxpayer - as  Canada's  "model
sealer" and spokesperson to defend what they call a "humane" and
"well-regulated" seal hunt! The very same man who testified in court that DFO
encouraged him to break the law!!
Mark Small's testimony
confirms what many critics of Canada's commercial seal hunt have been saying all
along: the Canadian government is more than content to turn a blind eye to what
occurs off its shores each spring. And sealers
have no problems ignoring the regulations,
confident that they are unlikely to be charged or convicted.
fact that Canadian tax payers' dollars
are a
re being used to send a convicted sealer to Europe (this is at least
his second trip this past year) to defend this inhumane and unnecessary
slaughter is ridiculous beyond the

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