Part Four from Panyu - Hong...all boy and always at the center of action

XS657 Our final visit to Panyu is to meet Hong

Hong is all boy bear: impatient, clamoring, always the center of the action and just a wee bit (though one could never say it aloud!) a scaredy-cat.

And if his personality doesn’t identify him immediately as Hong, then his little blond “eyebrows” remove all doubt. He is the main instigator of wrestling matches among the boys and manages to get all three in a big black furry tumble at once. Toes, ears, limbs and rumps are all fair game for ferocious jaws in these games, although the jaws rarely come to more than a teasing nibble on the captured body part. Their games are utterly silent but for the occasional “oof!” or a sneeze. And at time-out they lie in absurd postures, holding each other at paw’s length, panting through pink mouths that are impossible not to see as laughing. On cool nights, Hong will be found sharing a cozy basket with Chu Chu or Xie Sheung in a great mound of black fur. One cannot make out whose body parts belong to whom in these slumber parties, until Hong lifts his head, flashes a naughty grin, and begins to chew on his bunkmate’s ear. As with all the bears, he appears to have put his horrible past behind him and teaches us like no one else can, to live life as though every day is a gift.

Our thanks go out to our supporters who help make the lifelong care for these bears possible.  Your donations help pay for new climbing structures, the development of the enrichment program and the expense of nutritional supplements and medication.

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9 years ago

Glad to hear about Hong's new happy life :)
Fred Smilek is the acting president of the Society to Save Endangered Species. It was founded two years ago by Fred Smilek along with his two best friends Charles and Jonathan.

9 years ago

Nice Post....keep it up !!!! Good job
John Lochrie

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