Dramatic IFAW - WTI Rhino Rescue in India

A dramatic rescue story just in from the International Fund for Animal Welfare's partner the Wildlife Trust of India. Prasanta Boro was the vet on the scene.

"This wild female adult rhino was trapped in a mud pit on the 14th of January. On the morning of the 15th, I was informed of her condition and after visiting the site, found that she was quite fatigued due to her constant struggle to get out."

"Two doses of multi-vitamins and steroids were administered to help her regain that energy. The surrounding public was removed for both their security and the rhino's, and the pit was later broadened with the help of a forklift. We later observed the animal from a distance and after 45 minutes the rhino managed to get out of the pit and slowly walked away towards the forest."

For more information about IFAW's work with the Wildlife Trust of India, please visit IFAW.org.

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9 years ago

Good to hear she got out.
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9 years ago


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