IFAW rescues wild tiger from well

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In a daring operation, an adult male tiger which had fallen into an open well, was rescued and released yesterday by the forest department and the rescue team from IFAW-Wildlife Trust of India.

The tiger was noticed by local villagers yesterday morning in a well near Tezpur in the northern Indian state of Assam. The rescue team swung into action around midday when they were alerted by the forest officials. However, by the time they arrived at the site it had turned dark.

"We could reach the spot only by the evening and tried to rescue the tiger. But as it was getting dark, we had to abandon our attempts," said Dr Abhijit Bhawal.

The operation was resumed this morning. Dr Prasanta Boro, a vet from the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Center sedated the tiger with a dart.

Following the sedation, Dr Bhawal along with Lakhiram Das, an animal keeper at the center, entered the well and created a sling with a rope around the tiger's body. A crane was then used to pull the tiger out of the well.

The tiger was checked for injuries, put into a cage and moved to Nameri National Park where it was released late that evening.

"This was an amazing rescue," an exhilarated Dr Boro said. "We had to cross through Jia Bhoroli river on boats; the tiger was waking up, growling and getting violent, which did not help our nerves in the least."

Where the tiger came from was, however, a mystery. "We do not know exactly how it fell into the well, but there was no apron at the mouth, so I am not surprised," Dr Boro said.

Flash floods that submerged 40% of nearby Nameri just two days ago may have displaced the tiger from the National Park.

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