Update: Limbe creates new habitat for Taiping gorillas

Update_lwc_october_08 Since the surprising death of Oyin in April, Limbe Wildlife Center reports that the three remaining Taiping gorillas are doing well and are getting ready to move into a new habitat.

The three gorillas currently reside in an enclosure that houses the entire gorilla population at Limbe. And an enclosure that is truly remarkable for these endangered animals! Not including the three Taiping gorillas, there 11 others that reside in this enclosure (number may have gone up with ongoing rescues).

The introduction of the two groups went over well in the beginning, relieving the keepers of fear for the worst. However, after a while the resident group began bullying the Taiping gorillas and as a result they were slowly becoming stressed and were often sick. In April Oyin became seriously ill and, despite all the veterinary care available, she passed away. A careful examination of Oyin was conducted after her death and one of the findings was that her body exhibited signs of stress.

The decision was made immediately to create a second gorilla habitat that would accommodate the remaining Taiping gorillas.

The renovation work on the second gorilla habitat is just beginning. The satellite enclosure will be completely renovated and new climbing structures will be built and the fence will be newly erected. Once the enclosure is ready, the three Taiping gorillas will be accompanied by a juvenile male Arno, who has been friendly with them from the very start, and Limbe's youngest gorilla Adjibolo, who has been adopted by Abbey.


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