Baby humpback killed by boat strike

Humpback_calf_stranded1_5 A baby humpback whale was found dead by surfers at Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia on Sunday 26th October. It is believed the whale died after colliding with a boat's propeller.

"He had a pretty severe propeller injury down along the spine towards the tail fluke," said Dan Burns, a doctoral research student at Southern Cross University's Whale Research Centre.

At this time of year greater awareness is needed by mariners of the risks to mothers and calves as they migrate down the east coast and has led to calls of greater enforcement of the existing penalties.

Photo courtesy of Dan Burns, Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre.

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8 years ago

Ah, this is always so sad to read about :(

9 years ago

it is so sad to see a baby animals life cut short by us human beings... if there is anything that could stop this we should be taking action NOW!...they should be protected at all costs... before we knoe it there will be no more of these beautiful animals left in the wild there will be no more of these animals that our sight should behold...

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