Leonardo DiCaprio and IFAW are teaming up for Animal Action Week, October 4-10, 2008

Leo_aaw_250_2 Join me in taking action for animals.

I’m thrilled to join IFAW in celebrating Animal Action Week 2008.

As a long-time supporter of IFAW, I share with them a deep concern for the health of the ocean and the environment.

Our ocean faces more threats than ever before, from pollution to global warming to commercial whaling.

This year’s Animal Action Week theme, Beneath the Waves, highlights the actions we all can take to make sure that our ocean is healthy, clean, and full of life.

What you can do to protect the ocean

To help us protect the ocean, you can start by joining me in these three easy actions:

  1. Visit animalactionweek.org to learn more about Animal Action Week, the largest animal-focused educational event in the world;
  2. Take the Plastic Bag Pledge to help combat one of the main threats to marine wildlife;
  3. And spread the word by telling your family and friends about IFAW Animal Action Week 2008.

The health of the ocean is extremely important to me. Together we can return our ocean to the way we like to picture it - healthy, clean, and full of life.

Please take action for animals by joining me and IFAW in celebrating Animal Action Week 2008

Leonardo DiCaprio
IFAW Honorary Board Member

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9 years ago

How many pet tigers and other exotics has IFAW helped to kill?

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