‘Pick-Up-Plastic’ Images From Around The World

As part of Animal Action Week this year 13 IFAW country offices are coordinating beach clean-up operations with a theme called 'Pick Up Plastic'.

'Pick Up Plastic' has allowed communities to participate in the clean-up effort globally. Animal Action Week is designed to raise awareness and this year IFAW's focus is on the terrible crisis within our oceans and the fight against careless pollution. The number one culprit being plastic, in all forms.

'Pick Up Plastic' events are underway in Australia, China, East Africa, France, Germany, India, Mexico, the Middle East, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, the UK and USA. Cleaner and safer marine habitats are the leading result of this wonderful initiative, however IFAW is also asking that teams in every country collect data to illustrate just how serious the problem is. This data will be used to document the most polluted areas and can contribute to lobbying efforts for better protection of our ocean waters!

Additionally, IFAW asks everyone to consider the 'Plastic Bag Pledge' during Animal Action Week this year. Signing up is a simple commitment you can make that will have an enormous impact on our Earth.

Thanks to everyone who has helped IFAW make a difference so far!

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