VICTORY! eBay Announces Global Ban on Ivory

Killing_with_keystrokes_image We applaud eBay’s decision to institute a global ban on the sale of elephant ivory products by 1 January 2009 and call on all other internet traders to follow their example.

eBay’s decision was announced just hours before the release of our latest investigative report showing Internet trade in wildlife poses a significant and immediate threat to the survival of elephants and many other endangered species.

You can download the report at

The report, which followed a six-week investigation that tracked more than 7,000 wildlife product listings on 183 Web sites in 11 countries, singled out eBay as the largest contributor to the problem, responsible for almost two-thirds of the online trade in wildlife products worldwide

The report, Killing with Keystrokes: An Investigation of the Illegal Wildlife Trade on the World Wide Web, will be released tomorrow and shows that more than 70% of all endangered species’ products listed for sale on the Internet occur in the United States. The amount of trade tracked in the U.S. was nearly 10 times the trade tracked in the next two leading countries, the United Kingdom and China.

Elephant ivory dominated the investigation, comprising 73% of all product listings tracked. Exotic birds were second, accounting for nearly 20% of the listings tracked, but primates, big cats and other animals are also falling victim to the e-trade in live animals and wildlife products, according to the report.

We congratulate eBay on this very important step to protect elephants. With these findings and eBay’s leadership, there is no doubt left that all Internet dealers need to take responsibility for their impact on endangered species by enacting and enforcing a ban on all online wildlife trade. eBay has set the standard for protecting elephants, now governments and other online dealers need to follow their example.

Thanks for all your support in keeping the pressure on eBay!

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8 years ago

many many congratulations on ivory ban on eBay
i am really glade to have this post:)

9 years ago

Congratulations on the ban of Ivory sales on e-bay. Way to go Corrie Rabbe.

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