World to Dubai Atlantis: Release Sammy the Shark!

Sammy_thewhalesharkUPDATE: Sammy will be released...The U.K. Times Online is reporting that the order came just yesterday!

For some 47+ days, a wild whale shark dubbed "Sammy" has been swimming in circles around the aquarium in the recently opened Dubai Atlantis.

Apparently the developers of the hotel claim to have rescued her, and as such don't seem to mind having Sammy as a guest...and why not? The Atlantis garners some free global publicity to coincide with the grand opening of "an incredible world of aquatic wonders and luxury"...

The problem is that whale sharks are listed as a vulnerable species by the IUCN, some consider them endangered...and consensus seems to be that the longer this animal stays in the tank...the longer her chances are be returned to the ocean where she was found. 

In an effort to sway the Atlantis developers, The International Fund for Animal Welfare's Azzedine Downes has written an impassioned opinion on the matter in The National of Abu Dhabi, pointing out that upon Sammy's release, the developers have a "unique opportunity to emerge as world-class conservationists."

It seems the only "incredible wonder" is why the developers haven't come to their senses and returned Sammy to the ocean where she belongs...The world is taking notice, there's even a Facebook group calling for her this point, we're hopeful the developers come to their senses and arrange for Sammy to be beautiful a sight as she may be.

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