IKE Update 09/15: Rescue Team Helps Wildlife Rehabber

This comes from IFAW Rescue Team member Mike Booth

Arrivingatrehabsite1 As flood waters in the Lake Charles area dropped more than a foot through Sunday, the IFAW rescue team moved to Beaumont, Texas, to help set up an emergency pet shelter and be available for more animal rescues if needed. Prior to this move, we spent another exhausting but productive day on Sunday. The 25 horses we attempted to rescue late Saturday were safe after the flood waters dropped overnight, so all we had to do was coordinate briefly with the owners as they prepared to move their horses to safer ground on their own. Our team also checked on a similar number of cattle who were being moved by their owners.

Some bad news: we heard that a dog which was injured or lost in the storm was hit by a car and was rushed to a local hospital. We should have more information on this later.

Most of Sunday was spent helping a wildlife rehabilitator whose animals were trapped by the storm surge. About 10 deer, some dogs and cats as well as raccoons, possums and rabbits had managed to swim for their lives and survive until help arrived. We helped secure sandbags and pumps and repair other equipment used to help these animals and we offered information and guidance in ensuring good standards for long-term care. (Images and video are available but are dark as they were taken in heavy rain and in a flooded home without electricity.)

In Beaumont, we join another IFAW team led by Deb Gleason and Jan Hannah, who are working to provide emergency shelter and for animals brought from the hurricane disaster zone.

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Dear IFAW<
That's SUCH devestating news!!! Good luck, I hope all goes well!!!

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