Whale Stranded On Mudflats Rescued

A whale that swam inland and became stranded on mudflats has been rescued after a major operation.
The 15ft mammal, believed to be a Minke Whale, got trapped after making its way about two miles up the River Forth, on the east coast of Scotland.

Forth Coastguard said around 20 rescuers were involved in the bid to coax the creature back out to sea near the village of Limekilns, in Fife.

A member of the public spotted the stricken mammal and alerted the coastguard - who used lights to help with the rescue effort.

When the lamps were shone on the creature, he appeared to roll off the mud banks and swam out to sea.
His release came at about midnight on Monday - after more than two hours of frantic work by volunteers to save the whale.

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