Gustav: Pets and Residents Being to Return Home

Update: IFAW is now on the ground in Texas and Louisiana following Hurricane Ike.  Read an update from IFAW Emergency Rescue team member Michael Booth currently on the ground in Lake Charles, Louisiana rescuing family pets and other animals.

With the threat of flooding from Gustav passed, residents of New Orleans have begun to return to their homes, and are being reunited with their pets. We are expecting that by the end of today, everyone evacuated from Jefferson, Lafayette and Calcacieu parishes will have collected their pets from the megashelter to begin the journey home.  This should reduce the number of animals in the shelter by up to 450 animals. This will lessen the workload on our team who in turn will start to return home as well.  We anticipate that operations, and therefore the need for some team members to remain, will continue until the middle of next week.

At it's peak, the number of animals counted in the shelter reached 1355.

From hearing the weather reports, you will know that the threats from this year's hurricane season are far from over.  IFAW will be ready, should another request for assistance come. Thank you to all our supporters who helped us to respond in Louisiana...without you our work would not be possible!

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