Latest Coverage on Proposed EU Ban on Seal Products

News of the EU proposal is getting out and we’re not the only ones excited. At "On Loving Animals..." Chessbuff writes:

The latest good news is that the European Commission reacted by adopting a proposal to ban most trade in seal products within the European Union. If this ban goes into effect, the seal hunters of Canada will lose a big chunk of their market. We're talking death knell here, but we should be guardedly optimistic about this ban. It ain't over until its over.

At "EcoWorldly," Levi Novey writes:

This proposed ban is no small deal. Even International Rock God Paul McCartney has publicly stated he is an advocate of the ban, and that Canada’s seal hunt is a “stain” on Canada. He made these remarks several weeks prior to playing at a concert in Canada that took places several days ago.
Canada’s government has subsequently reacted with anger to the European Union’s proposal, saying that they will impose trade sanctions on the EU if the proposed ban passes muster and becomes law... This past September, Canada also made a complaint to the World Trade Organization. The Netherlands and Belgium have banned seal products and Canada claims that these bans break trade laws.
CNN writes that "the ban recommends a certificate and labels be provided by countries exporting seal products making clear seal products they trade meet strict EU conditions." Hmm... a certificate and label will be needed. Am I the only person that thinks this sounds like a lackluster strategy for ensuring that seals are killed humanely?

Here are some other reactions:

At "Unambiguously Ambidextrous," Raphael Alexander writes:

Another strike from the hot progressive iron. Hunting, the primary human evolutionary prowess next to gathering, is now considered "cruel" and "unnecessary". In one fell and ignorant swoop, the EU casts aspersions on the hunting practices of Canadians and Inuit who have invested hundreds and thousands of years in careful and meticulous perfection of their craft. Although the EU has said it would make "special allowances" on traditional Inuit sealers, it has yet to explain what a European standard for humane killing would entail. Not that it likely matters to those pressuring the EU, namely the animal rights activists who call it "cruel, unsustainable and unnecessary".

At "Bond Papers," Edward G. Hollett writes:

In response to a proposed European ban on seal products owing to the inhumane killing methods, Canadian sealers are considering penning the animals in cages and force feeding them boiled corn meal laced with fat, a practice to which EU legislators can turn a blind eye.

Relax. They aren't. But they should given the Europeans' collective ability to wag their fingers at others while doing as they wish themselves.

And finally, the UK government has come out in support of the proposed EU ban:

The UK has urged the EU to prohibit the import of sealskin products as the only effective way to stop inhumane hunting methods around the world.
Trade Minister Gareth Thomas said: "The UK has pressed hard for a European ban on trade in sealskin products and this proposal is welcome news. "Cruel and inhumane seal hunting is unacceptable ... We will now examine the details of the Commission's plans, to ensure that they can make a real difference."
Foreign Office Minister Kim Howells said: "I welcome this proposed ban; we have lobbied in the past to promote EU-wide action and this outcome is an important step forward."

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