EU Proposes Ban on Seal Product Imports!

We have exciting news! The European Union has announced a proposed ban on the trade in seal products in the European Union market. We are concerned that loopholes in the legislation could still allow seal products from Canada’s cruel seal hunt to enter European markets. However, we cautiously welcome this move as a potential milestone in our ongoing campaign to end this commercial hunt.

The EU proposal comes after growing political opposition and a huge public outcry in the European Union about the ongoing commercial hunts for young seals. Opinion polls in EU Member States show that millions of citizens want the trade to stop. Earlier this month more than 1,000 animal welfare supporters from across Europe joined IFAW and other groups at a demonstration in Brussels to call for an outright ban on seal products. Their call is echoed by a large majority of Members of the European Parliament who, in a 2006 resolution, opted for a total EU-wide trade and import ban on seal products.

IFAW opposes Canada’s commercial seal hunt because it is inherently cruel, unsustainable and wasteful. Over the past five years, about 1.5 million harp seals were slaughtered in Canada; clubbed or shot primarily for their fur. This year, sealers reportedly killed 206,721 harp seals to date. Despite the Canadian government claiming that a new condition of license would ensure a more humane hunt, IFAW recorded further evidence to the contrary as seals suffered slow and agonizing deaths.

Stay up-to-date on this issue by visiting our Stop the Seal Hunt web site.

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9 years ago

it boggles the mind to think that in this day and age such barbaric behavior can not only exist but is condoned by a governmental entity such as Canada. Such a brutal and unnecessary slaughter is not worthy of regulation but those who partake in this ruthlessly cruel slaughter are certainly worthy of criminal punishment.

9 years ago

I wish the ban would pass it is important both as a moral statement and as an economic tool.
Save the seals

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