Not With A Bang, But With A Wimper

T.S. Elliot probably didn't realize when he wrote The Hollow Men that his closing sentence foretold how the 2008-IWC meeting would end.

Just as in recent meetings, the IWC was deadlocked on the single vote brought to the floor.   While the organization continues to sort out it's excess baggage, whales will still be killed by grenade tipped harpoons, run over by boats, entangled in fishing gear, and even scared right out of the water by ocean noise.  Not all is lost however, the IWC has resolved to actually clean house and transform in to the effective body that protects whales as it was intended to be.

As I walked by my mailbox the Commission set up for each attendee, I noticed an unusual last name not far from IFAW's box.  Wonder what he was doing here? Perhaps we'll find out at IWC 61


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