Whale Rescue Team Removes Rope From Humpback Calf

Kudos to our friends at the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies who successfully removed a 150-foot length of rope that was tangled around the tail of a humpback whale calf. The calf of the Humpback known as Tongs was first reported on June 1.


The calf was first spotted early Sunday afternoon by a whale watching vessel and a the disentanglement team from the center was immediately dispatched to the area around 26 miles east of Boston.
The team determined that the rope was wrapped around the fluke, or tail, with 70 to 80 feet of rope trailing, and that it needed to be removed because of its position, the nature of the calf's wounds and the age of the whale.

The team used a grappling hook and buoy to remove the line while the calf and its mother swam at high speeds and with quick changes in direction.

Just today confirmation came that a buoy was present at the time of entanglement indicating the possibility of a vertical line being the culprit of the entanglement.

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