IFAW launches Australia's first National Whale Day

Australia's first National Whale Day will be Saturday 14 June 2008!

Australia is world renowned for its incredible coastline and for the abundance and diversity of marine wildlife.  Given Australia's affinity with the ocean and fondness of the iconic whales and dolphins that live or migrate along the coast it's hard to believe it was once a whaling nation.

However, since the last Australian whaling station was closed in 1978, Australia has become a world leader in whale conservation.  National Whale Day recognises not only our love of whales but our ongoing fight to protect them. 

But National Whale Day isn't just about whales - it's about the marine environment and to remind us that we can all do our bit to keep the ocean clean and protect the creatures that live there.

On 14 June 2008 communities around Australia will host parties, exhibitions, competitions and ceremonies to celebrate the day.  The launch event will be held in Sydney and features special guests including singer Christine Anu, Australian Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, and young anti-whaling campaigner, Skye Bortoli.

Visit www.nationalwhaleday.com.au for information about a National Whale Day event near you and for ideas on how you can celebrate whales and the marine environment on 14 June 2008.

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