Life After Rescue: Easier For Some, Not Others

Updates on rescued chimpanzees Leo and Afrika mentioned earlier this year are provided by  IFAW's partner the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust who continue to provide care at a quarantine facility in Uganda:


Afrika has steadily registered improvement. No worms and other stomach disorders were recorded except a dry cough, but this has cleared after two weeks of medication. Afrika put to use her hunting skills when she caught a weaver bird on the tree during the walk in the quarantine compound.

Ngamba_chimp  Leo continues to be dependent on the surrogate mother. He gets upset when left in the enclosure alone. He continuously screams and refuses to eat in the absence of his caregiver. Leo persistently clings on to his caregivers, preventing them from leaving him alone!  During this month, there were no incidences of biting and escape attempts. Leo is very playful and hyper active. He likes climbing and swinging on trees and jumping off the bench to the floor.

On the other hand, Africa has become so obsessed with walks around the compound and often resists returning to the dens!

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