IFAW 2008 Seal Hunt Press Coveage

Sealhunt2  Europe plans massive protest against seal hunt, from The National

"Animal welfare activists will stage demonstrations across Europe tomorrow to put pressure on the European Environment Commissioner to ban the import of Canadian seal products."

Canada's seal hunt wraps up, From ABC Online

"Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans has officially closed the last and largest phase of the seal hunt off Newfoundland and Labrador. Officials say participation for this year's hunt was low, mainly because of the high price of fuel and the low price of pelts, which were selling for about half of what they were a year ago."

Ban on spiked clubs urged in Canada seal hunt, From MSNBC

"The premiers of two Canadian territories are calling for a ban on the use of the hakapik, a spiked club used by hunters to kill harp seals."

Seal activists' ship remains in custody, from the Kingston Whig-Standard

"The federal Fisheries Department still has custody of the Farley Mowat, an anti-seal hunt ship that was seized off Cape Breton earlier this month."

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10 years ago

Please do not kill the seals. You don't have the right to kill another life.

10 years ago

stop this cruel killing

10 years ago

Isn;t it horrible what there doing to those poor harp seals they have no way to defend them self but soon it will be over were almost done on the the petion that pamela Andreson started i cant wait till this stops STOP THE SEAL HUNT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello fellow classmates Canada and New Found Land have been killing baby seals for over fifty years it is called the seal hunt. It is cruel and needs to obstruct!
Because the seals are so weak and can’t fight back there are less of them each day it’s hard to live as the prey in the wild but with humans hunting them they don’t stand a chance.
Do you know that the Harp seal will be endangered soon and extinct in a blink of an eye if we don’t STOP killing harp seals
We need 300,000 signatures on a petition we have 232,304 were so close to stopping the seal hunt.
help out and stop the seal hunt it is unfair and unusual to The Harper seal lets leave them at peace
How many of you people would like it if somebody killed your mom as soon as your born or killed you. As you are probably all very well aware, 335,000 baby harp seals are beaten and skinned for their fur every year in Canada during their cruel annual seal hunt. This year, our pal Pamela Anderson created a petition that she's going to hand-deliver to the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, calling for an end to this barbaric practice. And it's about time. The Canadian seal hunt is one of the true injustices of our age--hundreds of thousands of innocent baby seals are beaten to death by thugs on the ice flows of Canada just a few weeks after they're born, just to satisfy the vanity of a few ignorant people who don’t realize that it’s the 21st century and we don't need to wear the skins of dead animals to stay warm.
Seals can’t defend them selves there right there dying save them here are 5 ways. 5 Ways You Can Help Stop Canada's Seal Hunt
1) Write a Letter to Save a Seal
Canada’s commercial seal hunt is the only legal and government-sanctioned hunt in Canada that allows hunters to exclusively target baby animals – the overwhelming majority are between 2 and 12 weeks old. Seal products are still being imported into the UK. Please act now and ask your MP to urge the Government to stop the trade.
2) Sign the Petition to Prime Minister Harper
The truth is the first victim of this year's commercial seal hunt. Speaking on CNN’s Larry King Show, the Premier of Newfoundland & Labrador made some shocking and false statements about IFAW and the seal hunt. The public deserves a commitment to honesty and respect for the real facts about the killing of baby seals. Sign the petition urging Canada’s Prime Minister to tell the truth about what’s happening on the ice.
3) Make a Donation to Stop the Seal Hunt
Each spring IFAW brings international journalists and politicians to observe Canada’s commercial seal hunt, resulting in growing condemnation of the hunt around the world. Thanks in large part to IFAW’s efforts, legislation that will ban seal products is advancing in a number of countries, such as the Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. Ending the seal hunt requires a variety of effective measures carried out by effective organizations such as IFAW. Your contribution is needed to help us continue to document the cruelty occurring on the ice this spring and expose the truth.
4) Tell Others to Help Protect Baby Seals
It only takes a few seconds to spread the word about the cruelty of Canada’s seal hunt and our efforts to end it, yet the impact on the campaign is enormous. Please invite your friends, family, and colleagues to help save the seals.
5) Sign Up for Email Action Alerts
Find out the latest news about the seal hunt and our efforts to stop it, as well as other campaigns to protect and save animals around the world. You’ll be the first to see the newest videos of the hunt and read witness accounts of what’s happening out on the ice.
What can you do all of thee above if you care go to www.stopthesealhunt.com and send an email to Ed Stelmach. The more the better if we fight we will conquer we will stop the seal hunt.
Do you know that they just take their fur then leave them to rot? That’s how cruel it is. There lives are just as important as ours there living breathing animals were animals mammals save the seals save them Right now. Humane Society lists the following reasons for stopping the seal hunt:
• damages Canada’s reputation
• has resulted in global boycotts of Canadian seafood and tourism
• has generated more than half a million pledges to not buy Canadian seafood products until the hunt ends
• is opposed by many Canadians
Please donate to a stop the seal hunt sponsor
Thank you fellow classmates

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