Have You Heard About The Whales?

The question of the week has been, "Have you heard about all the right whales in the Cape Cod Bay?"

Video provided by the Cape Cod Times:

At the post office last week, Friday afternoon while purchasing my soy latte and in P-town shopping for a birthday gift over the weekend, the interested public has been quick to ask why are there so many right whales swimming in the Cape Cod Bay at the moment? There are a record number of whales out there right now, nearly 100 to be exact.

Right whales appearing in this area is not uncommon. The diverse waters of the Cape Cod Bay serves as an annual feeding ground for right whales every year. But as to why so many have appeared this year, we can only make assumptions and not provide a real answer.

What is really interesting is that the total number of right whales swimming in the Cape Cod Bay right now equals about 1/3 of the entire world population! That's correct, the entire population estimate is at 350. While this is interesting is it also alarming, considering this large percentage of the entire population is located in an active fishing area. Two whales have already been identified as entangled.

IFAW has been campaigning for years to better the the fishing equipment and gear used in whale territories due to the fact that so many whales suffer from entanglements. An entangled whale can survive for years with the impediment, however it soon leads to a slow and painful death.

For more on entanglements click HERE.

IFAW has also been working collaboratively to study the acoustics of right whales for the purpose of understanding the species and their territory. As a result of this acoustic research scientists have been able to locate right whales daily, within as little time as 20 minutes.

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