News Round-up: What's Out There

Bird_flu © Reuters

There are some interesting headlines in the news this morning.

On a side note, with all the information that the media puts out daily on animal rescue, conservation, animal abuse and cruelty, pet information, etc. it can be overwhelming, right? Sometimes I'm not sure what I need to read, what needs action or support, and what is just a fabricated story.

But one thing remains constant, it's easy to pull at my heart strings! I'm constantly forwarding critical information to the entire world, hoping that that action is actually doing some good. I'm assuming that I'm not alone, correct?

Sad news from South Africa this morning: they have lifted the no kill ban and are permitting the cull of elephants for the purpose of controlling population growth. This has been a hot conversation topic between conservationists, government officials and welfare groups for years. Most have made comment in this article, so take a look and let me know what your opinion is.

Another debatable subject: bird flu. It's out there, it's spreading, it's a concern, but what's the real truth behind the threat? This morning Reuters reports that the flu has arrived in Tripura, India. 25,000 animals have already been slaughtered. The health issue and the spread is constantly debated, but the welfare of the animals involved is a real issue, particularly in the methods used to kill these animals.

This morning in CA, a bear trainer was killed by the bear in training. In light of this tragic death authorities are now battling with whether or not euthanize the captive bear. Help IFAW lobby to end the private ownership of exotic animals!

And finally, I'm signing off with a story that is bound to make your blood boil. released this diary written by an Olympic trainer in China who befriended a dog at the Center he was training at, who was later butchered and served on his plate for dinner. He tells the story well and expresses his real concerns for the welfare of these compassionate beings in China.

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