Rescued Bears Seen Only Briefly Before Camera Was Destroyed

Male_exiting_2_2_2 © Yosemite National Park Service

A rescued bear cub from Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care was released in Yosemite National Park last year and has just been photographed emerging from his den.

In total, there were two bear cubs released into the Yosemite area, male and female, however some mysterious culprit discovered the hidden camera and disabled it leaving only a small bear print on the lens. Hummmm, wonder who that could have been?

When IFAW was volunteering emergency assistance at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care after the Angora fires last year, these were two of several bear cubs that had just been rescued. It's great to see that they now have a place to reside and venture into wild territory.

Both bears were fitted with radio collars so that park officials could monitor their movements. One collar was continually moving and eventually moved out of signal range. The other collar never seemed to provide more than a stagnant signal leading officials to fear for the worse.

Once the photo, thanks to an automatic censoring device, showed that one of the bears had exited the den, a park offical skied into the area and dug through the snow for the radio, hoping not to find a bear still inside. The radio collar was found and the good news is that it had been taken off. The photo seen here is the male, sans collar.

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