Please help secure a ban on the unnecessary trade in seal products

Below is a special request from Robbie Marsland, Director of IFAW UK:

In a matter of weeks, the European Commission will make an announcement about the trade in seal products in Europe.

As you may know, there is already a ban, which forbids the trade in products from young harp and hooded seals. However, seals as young as 13 days old are currently killed to provide products for Europe and the rest of the world.

Please take action today and ask the UK Government to insist on a ban on trade in all seal products in Europe.

This is a rare chance to make a real difference and to help stop animal cruelty. Closing down markets for seal products will help bring commercial seal hunts to an end. Nothing less than a full ban on all seal products will do.

IFAW has conducted opinion polls across Europe, which show that the majority of people* are opposed to the Canadian commercial seal hunt and that the majority support a ban on the trade in seal products. In the UK, recent polls show that 69% of the public support such a ban.

I urge you to support this campaign today and thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Robbie Marsland
Director, IFAW UK

*Of those expressing an opinion. Polling was conducted in UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands,Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia and Finland.

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10 years ago

Lee I agree with you 100% .as long as there is a market and as long as there are seals to kill's a hard thing to stop people don't see the cruelty in clubbing a helpless animal and that is the sadness behind the hunt's just like War it's not about the people that are killed it's about money

10 years ago

The comments that have been posted so far are really bias towards Canadians. Get ur facts straight cause NOT ALL CANADIANS like the idea of this barbaric practice of killing seals.
And before any COUNTRY thrashes Canada, just remember this: the only reason this barbaric hunt continues is because there is a market for the pelts in Europe.
They also justify this practice by blaming them for the huge decline of fish. The REAL CULPRITS are countries like Japan and other nations who do far more harm to the fishing industry with their fish huge factory ships than the seals will ever do. The whole thing is totally barbaric and the only way to end it is for these countries to change the way they fish and also to stop providing a market for the seal pelts. As long as there is a market out there, it will continue. So stop providing a market Europe!

10 years ago

Sweet Jesus!
When will Canada stop butchering baby seals?
How barbaric, cruel and completely unnecessary is this practice of slaughtering baby seals for their skin, etc...?
I refuse to buy anything that is manufactured or caught (SEAFOOD, ESPECIALLY)from CANADA. I will never spend one dollar on anything CANADIAN.

10 years ago

STOP THE SEAL HUNT, you KILLERS!!! Nobody from my family, friends and relatives will never come to Canada, unless you stop this terrifying killing

10 years ago


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