IFAW and India's Assam Forest Department Rescue Abandoned Male Rhino Calf

A two-month old rhino calf was rescued last Thursday by IFAW staff in India working alongside the Assam Forest Department. The abandoned calf was found by the patrolling staff at the Garakati camp area in Kaziranga National Park in Northeast India.

On being informed, Dr Anjan Talukdar, a veterinarian with IFAW's rehab center rushed to the spot to find the calf. The patrolling staff had wrapped the calf in gunny bags and placed it near a fire to protect it from the severe cold.

“The calf’s temperature had fallen to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and it was suffering from Hypoglycemia (reduced glucose level) and moderate dehydration,” said Dr Talukdar. The calf was stabilized on the spot with steroids and fluids before being taken to the centre.

The whereabouts of the calf’s mother and the cause of separation are not yet known. 

“The calf’s condition is stable but it is not completely out of danger because it is very young and may be susceptible to various kinds of infections,” added Dr Talukdar.

The staff in India is working around the clock to care for this orphan rhino, one of India's few remaining endangered Asian one-horned rhinos. His survival would also be monumental as the 3 rhinos previously rescued, rehabilitated and moved to Manas to repopulate the park are all females. The yet unnamed male calf will join another female calf in the rehab center due to be moved to Manas later this month.

Submitted by IFAW's Emergency Response Team Member Michael Booth.

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10 years ago

with the world in danger from wars,floods,famine it is so very good to learn and read about the good that humans can and should do.each animal has a place in this wonderful world and we have to help as much as we can no matter how little it may seem.we humans need all animals as much as they need us.we need to care and protect,not destroy and kill.

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