IFAW & Congress ask Administration to Send Japan a Message

LetterThe International Fund for Animal Welfare...and other U.S. whale protection organizations welcomed a letter signed by 35 + members of congress including Henry Waxman and Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis J. Kucinich, to the President of the United States, his Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of State.  The letter asks the President and his cabinet members to enforce the Pelly Amendment to the 1967 Fisherman's Act which instructs the Secretary of Commerce to certify findings to the President of incidents where nationals of a foreign country are "engaging in trade or taking which diminishes the effectiveness of any international program for endangered or threatened species".  You can read the full letter here, for more information or to take action on behalf of whales visit IFAW.org.

UPDATE!  Now over 81 members of congress have signed the letter....

Check it out here!

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