IFAW Asks Companies Behind Japan's Whaling to Take Action!

Today we released letters recently sent by IFAW, the Environmental Investigation Agency and Humane Society International to the three major Japanese corporations behind Japanese whaling:  Kyokuyo, Maruha and Nippon Suisan. Click here to read the letters.

These companies owned and operated the Japanese whaling when the plan for Japan's current whaling season was announced.  After decades of whaling and selling millions of cans of whale meat, these companies quietly divested their shares in the whaling fleet last year.  But the whaling plan they launched is now underway.  It is not enough for these companies to hand over the whaling fleet they owned to others.  They need to stop what they started.  IFAW is asking our supporters and others concerned about whales to contact these companies and their subsidiaries worldwide to seek their assistance in permanently ending Japan's whale hunt. 

One subsidiary, Gorton's Inc. of Gloucester, MA has already responded in writing, expressing its strong opposition to whaling and support for groups working to protect whale populations.  We welcome Gorton's statement and are now calling on Gorton's, its Japanese parent company, Nippon Suisan, and all other companies involved to take further actions to persuade the Government of Japan to end the whale hunt once and for all.

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