Rescued Falcons Already On Migratory Route

Img_14_1 The rescued falcons at the Wild Animal Rescue Center were all numbered and photographed before release .

The falcons rescued months ago and surrendered to the Wild Animal Rescue Center in Russia, are now enjoying the weather somewhere along their native migratory route because all 18 birds were released after successful rehabilitation.

Upon admission to the rehabilitation center, all birds were individually examined and observed.

Some of birds had to be force fed due to their condition. All daily diets were enriched with dietary supplements. And as a critical measure to ensure that the falcons could regain flight, all were exercised in a flight enclosure at the rehab center prior to release.

Due to daily monitoring and exceptional care, none of the falcons died and quickly recovered for release!

The area selected for the the anticipated release was the Altai region, which happens to be just next to the area where the falcons were initially taken from by the poachers. Altai is part of a nature reserve called Kislukhinskiy.

With the favorable weather conditions working on their side, the release team opened each container one at a time, allowing a single falcon to be released. It was incredible to see how some of the falcons began playing with each other in the air. In minutes all of the birds were soaring into the distance, heading south and following their instincts towards their natural migration route. None of the birds had broken feathers or demonstrated weak flight.

All members of the official commission and experts from the local University and Raptor Center all took part in the event. All confirmed that all the falcons were released in strong condition which gave them a very good chance at survival and would help get them to their winter destination soon.

The Kislukhinskiy reserve as well as the vicinity was patrolled for two days after the falcons were seen.

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