Your holiday shopping can help end the seal hunt

Many of us wonder if the holidays have become too commercialized.

This year, consider giving each of your friends and family a gift close to your heart.

For as little as $25 you can buy a gift that will help end the cruelty of Canada's seal!

Most commercial gifts are laid aside after a short time or are forgotten. But a Gift for Baby Seals supports IFAW's efforts to protect baby harp seals by providing equipment needed to monitor sealers. It's a gift that goes towards ending Canada's commercial seal hunt for good by revealing the truth about what happens on the ice.

So before you head to the mall, buy a unique gift for a great cause!

With four additional animal campaigns to choose from, you can save a different animal for everyone on your list. Rescue an orphaned bear cub, provide veterinary care for a desperate cat or dog, and much more!

Your gift also includes a gift card package containing a full-color pamphlet explaining how your gift helps an animal, and a distinctive gift card. Every gift up to $75 comes with a stylish pen and pencil set bearing the IFAW logo, and gifts over $75 are shipped with an attractive IFAW canvas tote bag. And your gifts are tax-deductible in the U.S.

What gift could be better than knowing your present is helping end Canada's commercial baby seal hunt?

Visit the IFAW Gift for Animals site today - and share the joy of lives made better!

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