Slide Show: Relief for animals in Villahermosa, Mexico

I've created this slide show of images which is a compilation of the work we have been doing since arriving in the field three days ago. IFAW and others have been working together for three weeks now trying to get aid and food to animals in most critical need. In order to expedite this process and reach as many animals as possible we separate and conquered different regions of Villahermosa, Mexico.

Technical difficulties: Although I managed to put together this slide show, I'm having some problems with uploading the voice over. It was my intent to narrate while the images rolled. However, I will continue to try and figure out what is happening on my end from the field and fix the problem, but in the mean time I wanted to share these images with you:


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9 years ago

God bless all the IFAW volunteers and thank you for posting these photos, I really ADMIRE and respect the wonderful work you do.
Thank you for helping those who are helpless.

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