The Story of Chongchong

This is a brief story submitted anonymously through one of our rescue centers in China about a cat named Chongchong.

It must be karma that I adopted Chonchong from more than 70 cats. When my husband first saw Chongchong, he was sleeping on the refrigerator.

My husband thought him a lazy cat & good at sleeping, but when he woke up, his true nature were exposed: he chased Huniu (a female cat) around the living room, jump up and down!
Huniu didn’t accept him at the start, and threathen him, but Chongchong pretend he didn’t see all this, just walk around leisurely. He showed his tolerance towards ladies.

He is very lively, always runs around with a toy in his mouth, try to get Huniu’s attention. Often times you see a him “flies” like a yellow arrow in the room with Huniu watching quietly.
Chongchong is simply and honest.

Now he’s getting along with Huniu quite well. We all think it’s his personality that changed her! Everyday after meal, Huniu’d go clean her fur, Chongchong would first go to the bowl to see what’s left, then he’d walk around her. Gradually, Huniu stopped threatening him, and started play with him.

Chongchog likes people very much. If you start patting him, he purrs in no time. He always hold our hands or feet and lick.

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10 years ago

Thankyou, ever-so, for my first letter from your wonderful organization. It means a lot! My beloved husband 'Gary' passed away to Glory this April, and it's just me and our 2 little Tabby's.
Lucifer, who was my husband's choice & favourite, has taken the loss of his Dad very bad.
Merlyn, my choice, hasn't really figured everything out, but, I am so very lucky to have them. I know that Gary's Spirit, helped me to find your organization, and provide me with another little blessing, to help things down here. God Bless you, and keep you safe and secure, doing such amazing and wonderful things for all His creatures.
Sincerely yours,
Sheila (Lucifer & Merlyn too)PS Your rewards will be many in GLORY !!!!!!!!

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