Australian Whale Hunt Protest

Hundreds of locals from the Coolum Beach area of Australia gathered on Saturday for an anti-whaling rally called "Fight for Fifty".  Fifty is the number of whales that Japanese fishermen are allowed to kill in the waters near Australia, when whale hunting season opens in the next couple of weeks.  The Japanese claim the whales are killed for "scientific research".

some of the protestors were on an anchored vessel called "Steve's Whale One", which belongs to Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo.  The skipper of the boat, Allan Short, called the proposed humpback kill, "the greatest environmental crime in the world."

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10 years ago

Humpback whales haven't been hunted since 1962 when the population collapsed due to over hunting. They've learnt to trust the boats of whale watching operators. If the Japanese fleet hunts them, will the humpbacks return to the Australian coasts?
chris pash

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