Whale meat not an inexpensive food source for Japan

A few bloggers who are pro-whale hunt have recently argued that Japan needs to hunt whales or its citizens would have no affordable protein source for their diets.  Some bloggers have gone so far as to make blanket statements claiming that the Japanese landscape is not suited to the raising of cattle or pork.

This in-depth article published by MSNBC in 2006 tells the truth about whale meat and the Japanese marketplace.  The younger generation rarely likes to eat whale, either because they're opposed to the hunt, or because they don't like the pungent taste.  The article also states that whale meat has a more expensive retail price than beef, pork, or chicken!  While one could argue that Japan has a tradition of killing whales, claiming that the Japanese use the meat as a necessary main food source is simply incorrect.

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10 years ago

The whale meat just becomes an expensive luxury item,

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