Japan told to spare Migaloo

New Zealand's Conservation Minister, Steven Chadwick, has formally requested that Japanese whalers not kill the white humpback whale known as "Migaloo".  Migaloo is the only known white humpback whale in the world, and he's now making his annual migration with other humpbacks to Antarctica from the Southern Ocean, off Australia and New Zealand.  Japanese whaling boats will soon begin hunting in Antarctica waters, planning to kill 50 humpback whales, 50 fin whales, and 1000 minke whales.

The Japanese Fisheries Agency refuses to answer questions about Migaloo.  Instead, they continue to demand that the governments of Australia and New Zealand provide protection for their whaling boats from protesters.   Mr. Chadwick has replied that he doesn't believe New Zealand has any obligation to protect the whaling vessels.  He also stated that New Zealand is strongly opposed to the whale hunt.

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