Satellite Tracking IFAW Penguin Network birds off of South America

IFAW Emergency Relief veterinarian Valeria Ruoppolo and two of the IFAW Penguin Network institutions in Argentina are collaborating with researchers from the University of Washington, to follow six rehabilitated penguins back to their breeding colonies.   

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the
French space agency are using their satellite technology to help the Fundación Mundo Marino and Fundación Mar del Plata Aquarium projects in Argentina from where the team selected the best animals to fit a special transmitter. 

Each penguin, which had been recently oiled from mystery spills, has had
the transmitter attached to their lower backs.  The transmitter
sends signals to the satellite which are then sent back to earth via
NASA as an image that shows the penguins name and its path along the

One penguin in particular, named Ruoppolo, is close to the team's heart
after having been oiled and rehabilitated for the second time.  Valeria
Ruoppolo, the IFAW Vet on the scene is now the
proud adopting parent...Penguin Ruoppolo has traveled a great distance
since being released from rehabilitation.

You can track Ruoppolo's progress and learn more about the efforts for the
conservation of Magellanic penguins by visiting  And
of course the International Fund for Animal Welfare web site.
And of course the International Fund for Animal Welfare web site.

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