Smuggled Falcons Rescued on Russian Train

Img_4279Several Saker and 1 Peregrine falcons were rescued from a man who was apprehended on a Russian train headed for Kiev from Moscow...two bags with 6 birds of prey were found with most of the birds in pretty rough shape.  These birds are protected creatures under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and are now under the care of the Wild Animal Rescue Center with Sergey Ganusevich, the organizations director.  The center is planning to release the birds next month...and has great experience in treatment and rehabilitation of birds of prey.  IFAW supports the Wild Animal Rescue Center and your donations to IFAW help supports rehabilitations such as this one.

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10 years ago

"two bags with 6 birds"
Such a treatment dont deserve any animal. Happy to hear that the eagles will fly soon in freedom and liberty...

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