Rhino calf dies after second round of floods hits Kaziranga, India.

IFAW Emergency Relief Responder Michael Booth filed this report which he culled from Indian sources last week...

Rhino3A second round of intense Monsoon rains in India has again flooded Kaziranga causing wildlife to search for higher ground outside the park’s boundaries.

When this migration occurs, animals are at great risk of injury and even death. The young and weak face increased danger as they face other distressed animals, humans and man-made hazards like sanitary ditches, tea plantation canals and speeding cars or buses.

Several dangerous scenarios come into play, some involve human-animal conflict as these animals stray into villages, others like this next story occur out of a completely different circumstances.

A week-old Asiatic One-horned rhino calf was found this week on the Assam state highway, struggling for his life after being attacked by a tiger. This rhino was physically rescued by the State Minister Rukib Al-Hussain who happened to be driving by. The calf was immediately taken to the IFAW – WTI Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) in Kaziranga with hopes of stabilizing the agonizing calf.

This was the first rhino to be treated in the center after more than two years when intense floods in 2004 resulted in the rescue of 2 orphaned rhino calves later successfully hand-raised and rehabilitated at the CWRC before being relocated last January to Manas National Park.

Unfortunately, this rhino calf succumbed to its injuries shortly after arriving to the center. Its sad and untimely death is a bitter reminder of how vulnerable wildlife is when floods arrive.

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