Iceland Suspends Whaling Quotas Indefinitely!

Wv326In what appears to be terrific news for Fin and Minke whales, Reuters is reporting that Iceland's fisheries minister, Einar K. Guofinnsson told them he would not set new quotas after the August 31st quotas from last year expire.

"The whaling industry, like any other industry, has to obey the market. If there is no profitability there is no foundation for resuming with the killing of whales," he said.

IFAW opposes whaling on the grounds that it is cruel and unnecessary. Economic studies in Iceland commissioned by IFAW and the Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA), have also revealed very little demand for the meat in Iceland or elsewhere, in contrast to the country’s successful whale watching industry, which generates more than US$20 million in revenue each year.

This is fantastic news for whales and for Iceland,” said Robbie Marsland, Director of IFAW’s UK office. “Whaling is cruel and unnecessary, and all of our studies have also shown there is little appetite for whale meat in Iceland or internationally.”

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