Help IFAW Protect Elephants – Listen to a Sample Recording

Scientific research plays a big role in IFAW's animal welfare campaigns. Our research helps us find workable solutions that benefit everyone involved.

For example, IFAW is currently working with the Bioacoustics Research Program at Cornell University on an Elephant Listening Project. We are recording elephants' low-frequency "infrasounds," or rumbles, which are inaudible to human ears. This acoustic monitoring system enables wildlife experts and regional and national governments to assess and monitor the numbers and health of endangered elephants by eavesdropping on the sounds they make. Click here to listen to a sample recording.

The Elephant Listening Project was founded in 1999 with the primary focus on forest elephants, a sub-species of the African elephant, which live in deep equatorial rainforests where sightings are rare and taking a visual census is impossible. Elephants make powerful infrasonic calls (below the level of human hearing) which travel long distances. Those calls are then analyzed with visual observations to correlate elephant numbers and behaviors. Click here to learn more about how IFAW is saving elephants through Science.

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