A 1-2 Punch for Whales!

Pa1483_jpg_3The International Fund for Animal Welfare's Patrick Ramage, Jennifer Ferguson-Mitchell and Lynn Levine and others are in the Netherlands at the Hague attending CITES this week...Patrick filed some great news this morning...

Hi folks,

Great news for whales from the CITES meeting in the Netherlands where the IFAW team is working to protect whales and other wildlife from commercial trade!

UPDATE:  Check out the story from BBC News!

The dangerous proposal presented yesterday by Japan to review the protected status of our planet's great whales was soundly rejected! 67.5 percent of voting delegates from the 170-plus countries represented here voted against the Japanese proposal.

Following this excellent outcome, governments considered Iceland's proposal for a review of the status of fin whales. This threat was also defeated, and then, moving quickly and with strong momentum Australia presented a positive amendment to say that CITES should not undertake ANY review of the protections for the great whales as long as there is commercial whaling moratorium in place! THIS PASSED WITH 73 PERCENT OF THE VOTES!

This is a big win for the great whales! Together with last week's clear votes at the IWC it represents great 1-2 punch for the whales and clearly signals an emerging global consensus for whale conservation!

Thanks to your support we've had two great weeks for the whales! Our challenge now is to take these victories in the halls of government and make them meaningful in the water. Japan is still planning to kill 1,400 whales over the next 12 months, including 50 magnificent humpback whales starting this autumn. Please take action to help IFAW stop the harpoons! And check back again soon for the latest on our global whale campaign!


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