Saving Road Kill's Babies

Wildcare_turtle Currently Wild Care (see previous post from February 2007 and April 2007) is overwhelmed with orphaned and injured wildlife patients, just as it is every summer Although baby birds, opossums, ducklings and turtles are lots of fun to care for, the reasons why they have been brought to the Center are not so bittersweet.

Busy parents become casualties on busy roads, leaving their babies orphaned and alone. And not all are lucky enough to be found and brought into rehab.

This isn't anything new, animals are hit by cars all the time, all over the US. "Road kill" has been the root of jokes for many years. There are no laws that protect against road casualties. It's something that we live with and will continue to live with.

Therefore, the Cape Cod Times featured Wild Care and it's "babies" as a plea to drivers to slow down. If these photos don't encourage drivers to slow down I don't know what will!

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