Spring Wildlife Survives Canadian Flooding

Stormymed_2Heavy winter snows in the mountains of British Columbia, CA began melting earlier this month. Spring time in lower areas becomes a time of worry, wondering how much of that snow will melt and flood lower populated areas. Reuters reports that the threat of major problems is over. Hopefully....

While the waters may have temporarily lowered, critical access roads and railways have been submerged in the mudslides and wildlife in areas of BC have become displaced; most of them juveniles. IFAW has granted support to the Northern Lights Wildlife Society to assist in the rescue and rehabilitation of the displaced wildlife. It is hard to estimate how many animals will continue to flow in, however, below are the stores of several that were able to survive...

Stories submitted by Angelica Langen...

Threemoosemed_2 Stormy

A call for help came in while Peter & I where away on a bear release. Our daughter Tanja and her brother Mike responded. It was a miserable rainy day and we where in the middle of high flood alert with roads closing down all around us. Despite this they made the 45 minute drive to Houston, where the calf had been sighted close to one of the sawmills. They found the calf running up and down along the river, trying to cross, but not daring the raging current. After some careful maneuvering, Tanja managed to grab it and the brought it home, naming it Stormy.

Angelikacharliemorrismed Morris
Morris was found wandering alone along the Highway near Terrace (250 km away from us) and due to the road closure because of a mudslide was first brought to the Prince Rupert Wildlife Shelter a Bird and small mammal specialist, where Nancy Golina took care of him until a partial road opening allowed for transport.

Charlie came to us through the Terrace (250 km away from us) Conservation Office. We did not get a back ground story on him. He was in reasonably good shape and started drinking without problem. Transportation for him proved to be tricky, as we had a major mudslide across the main Highway (2 people where killed in it) and the road was actually closed. We managed to get special permission to get through.

Twinbearcubsmed Bear Rescue Story

Two small male bear cubs were found at the side of the road.  Their mother had been hit by a car, and without her, they were helpless.  The two baby bears, only weeks out of hibernation, were unable to feed or protect themselves and stayed with their dead mother until they were rescued and brought to the Northern Light Wildlife Society. 

When they arrived at the centerer the bears were severely malnourished and required feeding every two hours around the clock.  Sadly one of the bears was not strong enough to make it and died while in care.  The second cub, Tony, is doing much better and growing stronger every day.  Tony will hibernate at the Northern Lights center this winter and will be released back to the wild next spring when there are lots of berries for him to eat.

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