Firefighters save kitten

It took two fire trucks, five firefighters, a bunch of animal rescuers and about 250 gallons of water to rescue a 2-pound kitten in Parkersburg, West Virginia on Monday.  The kitten had been sighted in a sewer storm drain, and absolutely refused to budge despite bribes of food from animal control officers.  Firefighters showed up on the scene to make noise to try to frighten the cat into leaving the drain, but that kitten wasn't moving.  Finally, the cat's aversion to water was what won the day.  Firefighters ran water through the drain system, enough to get the kitten's paws wet, and the indignant kitten rushed into the hands of a fireman waiting in a manhole.

All in all, the rescue took about ninety minutes, and the cat was adopted from the local animal shelter the very next day.  I sure hope the new owners plan to keep that kitten indoors.

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