Alligator found roaming in California

A four foot long alligator caused quite a commotion last week when it strolled ashore in an area of northern California, near Sacramento.  Alligators are not native to the area, and can't survive the winter temperatures, so it's likely this alligator was a former pet and dumped quite recently.  Its former owner may have felt the region would be hospitable to unusual wildlife as the alligator was found in the same area where "Delta and Dawn" the humpback whales, recently "vacationed".

The alligator was captured by the California Department of Fish and Game, and it will soon be moved to the nearby "Wild Things" sanctuary where it will have the company of ten other alligators.  The alligators would fare best in a native environment like that of Florida, but that state will not allow displaced alligators to be returned.  Federally, alligators are listed as a "Threatened" species, as are crocodiles.

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