Crucial Vote to Protect Whales in the Hague!

The International Fund for Animal Welfare's Patrick Ramage, Jennifer Ferguson-Mitchell and Lynn Levine and others are in the Netherlands at the Hague attending CITES this week...Patrick filed this brief but urgent update this morning...

Hey everybody,

Plenary_2Patrick here. Greetings from the Netherlands, where the battle to save our planet's great whales continues this week! Fresh from our successful efforts at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Anchorage last week, the IFAW team is now fighting for whales on another critical front: the 14th meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) which meets this month in The Hague. More than 170 countries participate in CITES, which meets every three years to consider proposals for trade or increased protection of endangered species worldwide.

In recent years, Japan, Norway and Iceland have repeatedly attempted to use CITES to weaken protection for the great whales. This year's meeting, following immediately after the IWC, is especially critical. Frustrated by their losses at the Anchorage meeting, Japan and Iceland are trying to convince CITES member countries here to weaken protections for the great whales and undermine the authority of the International Whaling Commission.

Later today, a critical vote will take place on the Japanese and Icelandic proposals. IFAW and other concerned organizations are working hard to encourage national delegations from around the world to stand firm against this latest, desperate attempt by the whalers to reopen the international trade in whale meat. We will keep you updated on the results of today's crucial vote. Thanks so much again for your support. Because of you, IFAW is able to keep up the fight! For the latest on the CITES meeting and IFAW's work to protect endangered species, go to

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10 years ago

what is going on do we {humans} have a taste for total loss of all spieces on planet earth. its as if we know were coming to an end so we all are trying to make sure everything goes along with us. international laws should be protecting whales and hunters should be treated as terrorist.

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