IFAW Unveils 'MJUMBE' Ambassador Against the Ivory Trade!


Elephants sent a most unusual envoy to this year’s CITES Conference of Parties Meeting beginning this June in The Hague, Netherlands.

Mjumbe (or Ambassador in Swahili), the life-size elephant sculpture made from confiscated bare wire snares and commissioned by IFAW was unveiled recently by Kenya’s Tourism and Wildlife Minister Morris Dzoro as a mascot for the campaign against ivory trade and a poignant reminder to CITES delegates of the other/additional threats that still plague the African elephant.

The report of the event below was filed by Elizabth Wamba from our East African office.

We launched Mjumbe last Friday in style - the presence of 15 delegates from other African states plus Ministry of Tourism & Wildlife and KWS officials. Mjumbe was well received and got an appropriate send-off with guests joining in the Mjumbe song saying "Ivory belongs to Mjumbe-e". It is a song full of hope for elephants.

Mjumbe is on his way to The Hague now to further champion the cause for elephants!



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