What to do About Whales House Party Report - Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY

Dscf6391This report from one of our house parties was submitted by some folks who helped organize the event...we're very happy to hear back from them and from anyone else who offers up some pics or words about their own house parties...anyone who sends in a report will get an IFAW T-Shirt and will be posted on this very blog!

On Tuesday, May 1st and Friday, May 4th, groups across the country organized house parties to screen IFAW's new documentary, "What To Do About Whales?" The documentary was created to raise public awareness about the threats posed to whales leading up to the meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Anchorage, Alaska the week of May 28th.

Dscf6373Gitana Rosa, an independent art gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, drew a large crowd to screen the documentary on Friday, May 4. Gitana Rosa turned the viewing into an all-night event by pairing the documentary with a cocktail reception and the gallery's current exhibit, Let’s All Drink to the Death of a Clown, by Mark Parrish. Many guests were previously unaware of the illegal whaling epidemic that IFAW is currently battling. The documentary illustrated the true nature of whales and the brutal politics surrounding international decisions to kill them for commercial purposes. Guests watched the documentary attentively, and left better informed thanks to IFAW’s continuous efforts to educate. Another sign of success? Guests arrived early and stayed late!

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