Preventing Cruelty To Animals In Moscow

Moscow_clinic IFAW CLAW is expanding with a new clinic in Moscow!

Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) began ten years ago with Cora Bailey’s one-woman crusade to personally provide basic veterinary services to one South African township. CLAW South Africa, 10 years later, has grown to become one of the only welfare services provided in one of the poorest areas of South Africa...reaching over 900 dogs a month!

Since it's onset, and due to the program's success, IFAW CLAW has been established in other areas of the world like Dominica and Canada.

In the past, many animals in Russia have received medical attention via the IFAW Mobil Clinic - more than 12,000 animals have received help since it's onset! The Mobil Clinic will still play a role with the opening of the new center, reaching out to the animals in remote communities that need veterinary care. The new center will operate with cooperation from the same Moscow authorities that have helped managed the Mobil Clinic.

It is estimated that 30,000-40,000 companion animals are homeless in Moscow alone, and routinely suffer from inhumane treatment. The new center will open doors for better protection and a safer future.

“Very few people in this world will ever see an elephant, or a bear, or a tiger or even a seal. But every single person in this world will interact with a dog or cat at some time in their lives – and that is what sets companion animals apart from the rest. At CLAW we have a saying: ‘At the end of every leash is a person,’ concluded Bailey prior to cutting the ribbon at the new center.

Click here to watch a presentation by Cora Bailey on her CLAW experience.

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