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Supporter2Name: Josh L
Location: Boise, ID
United States of America
Message: Please stop the Canadian Seal Massacre - this inhumane hunt has gone on for far too long!

Supporter3Name: Valeria S
Location: Waipahu, HI
United States of America
Message: We are part of huge net in where the balance is essential. We are destroying this balance and soon or late we are going to pay for that. We need to support IFAW's Seal Campaign to stop this massacre!

Supporter4_2Name: Jonathan C
Location: Miami, FL
United States of America
Message: Animals were in this world first. They are our elders, they deserve respect.

Supporter5Name: Birgit B
Location: Athens, Greece
Message: This is the most cruel and totally useless brutal slaughter of any kind of animal. I thought Canadian people are civilized?! How come that 98% of the population, who are supposedly against this, have not been able to stop a bunch of barbarians??

Supporter6Name: Anais L
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Message: Support IFAW's Seal Campaign and end with this cruelty! The continuous invasion of natural areas, and consumption ends in devastation, we should worry more about the balance between nature and humane society because this planet is our only home.

Supporter1_2Name: Donna Y
Location: Montreal, Canada
Message: We are, as a society, becoming more and more desensitized to cruel and brutal behaviors. It's time that we all begin to think of the voiceless victims of our insatiable appetite for nonessential adornment.

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